1 material, 3 alloys that strike. Your creativity has no limit with John Steel's custom metal sheets. In just a few clicks, you can choose from stainless steel, aluminum and steel sheets as well as customize your dimensions and cuts.

Enter your measurements, make your cuts and get an immediate price online for your laser cut.

We make delivery in all regions of metropolitan France (Paris and province) but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands!

Be creative with John Steel metal plates!

> Choosing the right metal for your project

How to cut custom metal?

  1. Select the appropriate alloy for your project
  2. Choose the rough or aesthetic finish that's right for you
  3. Opt for a sheet of metal to the appropriate thickness
  4. Enter your dimensions in millimeters
  5. If necessary, add internal cuts, notches or corners to fit the application context


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