• Lightweight and designer Lightweight and designer
  • Doesn't rust Doesn't rust
  • Easy to use for DIY Easy to use for DIY

Lightweight and designer, aluminium has a matte silvery grey finish and is equally at home inside (ideal for renovation or decoration) as it is outside (weatherproof and UV-resistant). You can shape aluminium in all sorts of different ways. You can fold it, drill it, bend it or even weld it depending on what you need.

Ideal for vertical mounts, our custom aluminium sheets have the kind of flexibility and elasticity to make a gymnast green with envy. 

3 times lighter than steel, it has  good thermal and electrical conductivity (heat dissipation/cooling) as well as corrosion resistance that will stand up to anything.

Raw and bright aluminum plateanodized aluminum soft texture or anodized aluminum brushed anti-traces, there is a multitude of processing such as anodizing, lacquering and many others.

Popular with the automotive or aerospace industr. Aluminium plate may be one of the products that is used most often in these industries, but it is also found everywhere in everyday life, such as in manhole covers, crawl spaces and meter hatches, as well as in decor for your living room and even  kitchen splashbacks.

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