Raw and bright aluminum w/ PVC protective layer

PVC protective layer

Aluminium brut, brillant et protégé par un film

PVC protective layer

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Raw 5754H111
Not as heavy as steel, aluminum is a good compromise between lightness and solidity. It doesn’t need an anti-rust treatment, but it could tarnish in a humid exterior environment. In that case, we would recommend the anodized version. This plaque is quite then.
Ideal for door kick guards.

The PVC protective film is applied face-up to ensure a perfect finish up to the time of installation. The reverse side has a rough appearance that may have traces of scratches of varying depth.

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Stainless (the stage name for stainless steel) is a hygienic and noble metal. Unlike aluminum, it’s resistant to high temperatures and UV rays.


Steel is the DIYer’s best friend (well, it doesn’t talk much and it won’t have a pint with you- let’s not go overboard)...

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