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The website that custom cuts my metal

Cut your metal piece

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced DIYer, if you're looking for a custom laser cut, you're in the right place!

King of custom cutting, expert in notches and holes (and the handiest of handymen), John Steel brings your custom cut projects to life. Choose between some 200 materials and thicknesses, configure your creation in just a couple of clicks and let John Steel and his allies in fast delivery surprise you with their quality, fast service!

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My splashback cut to measure, delivered to the house, mounted by myself ... And kiss is for me!

We're talking full-throttle, guitar wailing, headbanging metal- because metal is life! And thanks to John Steel, you can crank it up at your place with an industrial-chic deco, splashbacks for your kitchen, custom shapes for your garden, hanger bars for your custom closet, etc. You choose the material you need for your project with varieties available in aluminum, steel or stainless. Both elegant and trendy, and don't forget: metal goes hard!

But hey, who is John Steel anyway?

Great question, man! What do Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Tom Selleck, Super Mario and Hulk Hogan all have in common? They get all their strength and ingenuity (to varying degrees, of course) from their moustaches! And well, me, it's sort of the same thing. I'm in the business of selling metal (aluminum, steel and stainless steel), wood (coming quite soon), an unequalled expertise in custom laser-cutting and of course, dreams! Are you looking to create a piece of metal in the shape of a circle, rectangle, triangle or even in the shape of a long-beaked echidna? Do you need to cut out letters of a particular size, need to add holes or specific notches? Then check out my revolutionary and easy-to-use web tool that will allow you to realise any of your creative projects. Choose your material, specify the measurements of your part and create!

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    Check out our online service for cutting your metal using a drawing plan. You’ll get invoicing in real time, corrections automatically made to your drawings, your own online file storage space, express delivery and more. So let’s go, Joe (or whoever you are)!

    Need some help?

    Do you have any questions, concerns, or worse: doubts? Don’t panic, our Help Center is here to help you make even the craziest of creations. And you will certainly find the answers to your questions- if not, contact my team who is always happy to help!

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