Panel Compact Laminate

  • Saves money and looks decorative Saves money and looks decorative
  • Easy to clean Easy to clean
  • Knock-resistant Knock-resistant

For an attractive panel with everything you want, look no further than this white compact laminate. It's a safe bet for sturdy, smart furniture with none of the heaviness of other materials.

It is really back in vogue for worktops. You can use it for both dry surroundings (indoor furniture) and wet environments (bathroom furniture).

As well as that, compact laminates panels are super sturdy, and can take major bumps and knocks as well as modern chemical products. Also known as Formica, these made-to-measure laminate panels are easy to clean with soapy water. Just one more reason to choose these for your custom furniture.

White core white laminate panels or black core white laminate panels are composed of several layers of kraft paper coated with resins and covered with white decorative paper on both sides. The whole is protected by a melamine resin. It provides high rigidity to panels, good resistance to heat, light, abrasion and most everyday chemicals.

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