MDF noir teinté dans la masse
  •  MDF noir teinté dans la masse
  •  MDF noir teinté dans la masse
  •  MDF noir teinté dans la masse
  • Medium noir -  MDF teinté dans la masse

Black dyed in the mass MDF

Impregnated with pigment!

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  • Unique and innovative product
  • Bend-resistant
  • Versatile and natural


Black MDF panels are medium-density fiberboard panels that are coloured all the way through, and are much like colored MDF. All the sides are the same so you don't need to add a border.

There may be some small imperfections (areas that are coloured to a greater or lesser extent). This is due to the color absorption capacities of the wood and gives it a very natural look.


Several colours are available to meet all your needs. From red and green, right through to blue or chocolate brown, you can create designer home furniture that matches your interior design scheme. Dyed in the mass MDF panels are mainly used to make furniture (kitchens, bathrooms), cladding, partition walls, wood floors and much more.


- Protective coating strongly advised (protective varnish or oil)

- Clean with a soft cotton cloth

- Do not use solvents or abrasive products


Black medium (MDF) panels have the same characteristics as MDF except the fact that they are stained in the mass, which is superior to stained MDF. These fibreboard panels are very easy to repair all the same; just a little sanding and the application of a finish will restore their original appearance.

Dyed MDF is more resistant to bending and tensile stress than colored MDF. Water-repellent and non-toxic (use of organic dyes) all wood-stained fibreboard panels have FSC certification.

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Technical informations

  • Minimum dimensions 240 x 240 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 1800 x 1200 mm
  • Color Black

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