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Ideal for giving a bedroom, living room or living space an impression of extra space, a stainless steel mirror is a must-have for an on-trend and modern design scheme. Hanging in your entrance hall, a mirror is a reflective surface to help you perfect your look of the day or to tidy that rebellious lock of hair that everybody gets in the morning.  Small, medium or large, with John Steel you can finally make a glorious custom mirror.

Configure your custom mirror :

Select the shape of your custom mirror

Do you want a custom mirror in your bathroom or a magnetic mirror in your hallway? Decorate your wall from floor to ceiling with a beautiful and unbreakable mirror! Our custom stainless steel mirror cutting service allows you to create and customise the shape that fits your interior layout.  

 Rectangular, round, triangular, L-shaped or T-shaped, choose the size of your mirror-polished stainless steel plate. Custom decorate the space between your furniture to have the best reflective surface possible.

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Select the shape of the mirror that matches your needs. You can enter your dimensions in step 3 and customise the cut before validating the order.

Select the material for the best reflections

Enter your dimensions

From 40mm To mm
From 40mm To mm


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With every steelgoods package you get an instruction manual to help you set up
Instruction manual
We give you the equipment you need for professional installation
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Not sure how to clean it? No worries, you will also receive advice on daily use
Maintenance advice
Need custom support in case of hiccups or are you worried about how to install your product properly?
Need custom support in case of hiccups or are you worried about how to install your product properly?

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