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Do you want a custom mirror in your bathroom or a magnetic mirror in your hallway? Decorate your wall from floor to ceiling with a beautiful and unbreakable mirror! Our custom stainless steel mirror cutting service allows you to create and customise the shape that fits your interior layout.


Rectangular, round, triangular, L-shaped or T-shaped, choose the size of your mirror-polished stainless steel plate. Custom decorate the space between your furniture to have the best reflective surface possible.

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Select the shape of the mirror that matches your needs. You can enter your dimensions in step 3 and customise the cut before validating the order.



Choose a standard or magnetic mirror

We offer mirror-polished stainless steel and reflective magnetic stainless steel mirrors, protected by a PVC film for a perfect finish. Let yourself fall in love with one of our large mirrors!


The stainless steel mirror is stronger and thinner than most glass mirrors (1.5mm). This mirror-polished stainless steel is suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms or kitchens.


The magnetic mirror has the slightly softer reflection of an antique mirror at a thickness of 1mm. Ideal for decoration, attached to a door, or covering a piece of furniture. It can also be used as a magnetic bulletin board for an office or as a hallway mirror.


Select the custom mirror you like from amongst our mirrored stainless steel and reflective magnetic stainless steel mirrors.



Enter the dimensions to cut your custom mirror

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From 40mm To mm

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Discover how to install and maintain your stainless steel mirror

In order to install your custom stainless steel mirror, simply glue it using the tube of adhesive putty supplied with the order.


Apply the putty to the side without the film. Stick the plate to the wall, pushing firmly across the entire surface. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before gently removing the protective film.


Use acetone and a soft cloth to remove any traces of glue left on your stainless steel plate.


Whether you have chosen the grey stainless steel mirror or the vintage magnetic mirror, maintenance is the same. Use a microfibre cloth and rub gently.

Please select the dimensions of your custom piece to go to the next step.

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