Kitchen splashbacks

Your custom stainless steel or aluminum splashback

What's more beautiful (and more pro) than a well finished kitchen with a stainless steel or aluminum splashback?

Tailor-made aluminum anti-marks or brushed stainless steel splashbacks

But then what material to choose? The anti-marking alu and the brushed stainless steel are equivalent in many aspects: they are both resistant to corrosion and to high temperatures. Their brushed surfaces are neither conductive nor magnetic.

Their appearance is identical, they are both perfect in the kitchen or in wet environment (room of water, outside). The aluminum, a little more expensive, is lighter and easier to maintain than brushed stainless steel.

For any order of one or more splashbacks, we will offer you a "special heavy object" adhesive sealant to allow you to fix your splashback.

Discover below our two types of splashback:

Product range

Stainless steel kitchen splashback

PVC protective layer


8,27€ TTC / Kg

Inox 304L brushed grain 220, 1 putty glue OFFERT This is the material found in all professional kitchens with the...

Thickness :

1,5 mm

Anti-wrinkle aluminum splashback

PVC protective layer


31,22€ TTC / Kg

5005H14 anodized / brushed grain 220, 1 glue adhesive OFFERT This material combines the lightness of aluminum...

Thickness :

1,5 mm

Stainless (the stage name for stainless steel) is a hygienic and noble metal. Unlike aluminium, it’s resistant to high temperatures and UV rays.

Steel is the DIYer’s best friend (well, it doesn’t talk much and it won’t have a pint with you- let’s not go overboard)...

Light, trendy, sleek and sexy, aluminium is perfect for vertical placement. Great for your interior as well as exterior, aluminium is optimum!

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