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Steel, the DIY enthusiast's best friend, is cold-resistant and supports a lot of weight. Without any treatment it rusts faster, but certain designers are looking for exactly that from a design and style point of view. The Steel sheet also have the advantage of being less expensive than its close releatives stainless steel and aluminium. 

It's generally sought after for applications which need strength and sturdiness. You can easily weld it and/or paint it for its final use in all sorts of steel-based constructions.

Blasted and greased steel, rustproof galvanised steel S235JR or corten steel, with our custom-made steel plates you will bring an industrial touch to your interior or a functional aspect to your outdoor facilities.

You'll find it's ideal for all your more practical indoors or outdoors practical or decorative structures. Thanks to our simple and fast configurator steel cutting has never been so.

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