Plaque d'acier galvanisé
  • Plaque d'acier galvanisé
  • Plaque d'acier galvanisé anti-rouille
  • Plaque d'acier galvanisé
  • Plaque d'acier galvanisé

Rustproof galvanised steel S235JR

Galvanized as Hell !

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  • Hot galvanised
  • Doesn't rust
  • Mechanical resistance

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With a matt, metallic finish, the reflective appearance of galvanisation tarnishes over time.


Mainly used for street furniture (motorway guardrails, lamps, roof covers, gates and more), rustproof galvanised steel is also really good for protecting walls and creating works of art.


This steel is hot galvanised, which means it is coated with a layer of protective zinc which stops it from rusting. Although it is steel, you should not solder it as the evaporating zinc gives off toxic fumes.

This metal has been created to resist chemical products and corrosion

Technical informations

  • Minimum dimensions 40 x 40 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 2980 x 1480 mm
  • Thickness
  • Look Possibility of scratches
  • Utilisation
  • Défaut

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