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See life in all its colours! We love it and we've chosen to share this mantra with you right down to your decor! Choose the shade that best fits you from among our colourful stained-in-the mass MDF panels. These easy-to-use fiberboard panels can be easily fitted together so you can invent something truly original. Cut your custom MDF panels and mix up the colours to create unique furniture and shelves.

These natural or stained-in-the-mass MDF panels can be used outdoors as well as indoors if you apply varnish.  Natural MDF panels can be used to make custom indoors furniture. They come just as they are so you can paint or varnish them to suit you or the needs of your project. The uniform structure means you can start from a totally neutral base that is easy to cut. 

The MDF panel stained in the mass is a wood fiber panel equivalent to Valchromat. Medium (MDF) Red, Medium (MDF) Black or Light Gray Medium (MDF) Panels, the different colors available will allow you to create unique combinations.

There must be limited exposure to moisture. You are therefore advised to keep the MDF away from water sources. The colour of stained MDF panels will change with exposure to light. This is a completely natural development that can be slowed down with an UV-resistant varnish but cannot be halted completely.

Our custom MDF panels and stained-in-the-mass MDF panels are CE certified.

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