Raw Steel Tread Plate

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  • Very good for welding
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Wear and shock resistant

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Particularly appreciated by designers looking for surface patterning, with its black finish the S235JR steel tread plate is an acclaimed material for decorative purposes.


Prized for its strength and weight, non-slip unpolished steel is ideal for your floor plates, walkways and other welding work.


Its surface patterning gives it its non-slip properties, whether dry, wet or greasy. This non-slip steel is characterised by high shock and abrasion resistance as well as resistance to the passage of light vehicles.

We recommend applying a surface treatment as it will rust will rapidly.

 Thickness: pattern 7 mm / core 5 mm

Technical information

  • Thicknesse 5 mm
  • Minimum dimensions 40 x 40 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 2990 x 1490 mm
  • Look Scratches visible on both sides (*)