Brushed stainless steel

PVC protective layer

Plaque d'inox brossé et protégé par un film

PVC protective layer

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The fine brushing grain 220 of this stainless steel gives it a regular and very elegant visual aspect, which is particularly appreciated in decoration. Stuck on risers, it will give a modern appearance to your staircase.

This stainless steel is often found in kitchens in the form of a splashback or worktop for the respect of food hygiene. It can also be used in the bathroom for shelves, shower column trays, spotlights, splashbacks, etc.

Brushing of stainless steel plates is done face-up, in the direction of the length. The PVC protective film is applied on the same side to ensure a perfect finish up to the time of installation. The reverse side has a rough appearance that may have traces of scratches of varying depth.

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Steel is the DIYer’s best friend (well, it doesn’t talk much and it won’t have a pint with you- let’s not go overboard)...


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