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Our main Goal

Making metal and wood cutting accessible, quick and easy for all !

Who for?

A service that can be accessed by anyone: professionals, DIY experts and fans of home decor.

How ?

John Steel has created three tools to help you: an online part configurator, a tool to upload your DXF files, a simplified purchase process using SteelGoods


A professional service to save you time: Instant online pricing, Delivery within 8 days

The story of

usine et découpes de métal

Once upon a time, there was a little metal factory in the heart of the countryside in Alsace, run by John Steel. John worked for manufacturers all over France and loved his profession more than anything: metal cutting!

usine de métal et tôlerie

Oh yeah! A tough job for a tough guy!

découpe de pièces en métal et bois avec des formes complexes

DIY fans in the area used to drop by the factory often to ask him for custom metal cuts. Cutting metal for non-professionals isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world! Especially if they’re asking for items with complex shapes or cut-outs in the middle!

demande forte  de pièces en métal et bois découpées sur mesure

John, sporting a manly moustache, and happy to be of service, tried to meet all these demands, but he quickly realised that having all these well-dressed people in the middle of his factory wasn’t the best plan.

création du site, spécialiste de découpe au laser de métal sur mesure

The solution to this dilemma? Create a site accessible to all (professionals and individuals) to order custom cut parts directly online. Thus the site was created in May 2013.

metalmakers entreprise independante

Today the Steel Corp’ is an independent company that’s part of the MetalMakers. Panache in Alsace!!

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Basically, John Steel it's :

expérience simple et facile pour toutes les découpes de métal et bois


The John Steel slogan: keeping it simple but badass We believe in a professional, quality service that’s open to all. With a little touch of humour! Because we’re all children at heart, right?

expérience simple et facile pour toutes les découpes de métal et bois

The Team

The SteelTeam is made up of 9 people (including IT, customer service, marketing and operations) and goes out of their way to answer your questions and keep you happy every day!

expérience simple et facile pour toutes les découpes de métal et bois

A workshop

With more than 500 orders every month, you have to know how to manage your production workshop! The laser is in action all day and sometimes even at night to produce your metal parts. Watch it in action!

John et brigitte, spécialistes de la découpe de pièces en métal sur mesure

Hello! You almost forgot about us didn’t you?! I’m John, and with me here is Brigitte my assistant at the plant. Alongside the SteelTeam, we sort out the website and try to gather as much info as possible on metal and wood to guide you.
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