PVC protective layer

Anodized aluminum, soft texture 5005H14

Anodized aluminum, soft texture 5005H14

Soft as a lamb!

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  • Will not rust
  • Soft and aesthetic
  • Can be used on facades

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Shiny and radiant, anodized soft texture aluminium 5005H14 is a must in signage. Soft and regular to the touch, its milky surface is perfectly uniform and protected by a film.


Smooth and durable, it is the material used by designers and is often found on high-end computers. It will prove to be ideal for your furniture or making your business ID cards.


Anodized aluminum is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It is as strong on the inside as on the outside (so it is not afraid of weather).

Technical information

  • Thicknesses 1,5 - 2 mm
  • Minimum dimensions 40 x 40 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 2990 x 1490 mm
  • Look Visible scratches on the non-filmed side (back)(*)