PVC protective layer

Leather textured stainless steel

Leather textured stainless steel

Perfect for those with a penchant for Sexy Metal (Ssshh!)

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  • Textured appearance
  • Supplied with a protective film
  • Rigid

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Its natural leather etched relief makes it the ultimate decorative stainless steel. Its shiny appearance will reflect the colours in your surroundings with charm. Because it does not gather dust, it will be just as perfect on your ceiling as in the difficult to reach spots behind a wood-burning stove.


Often used in elevators, you can also make it a decorative product in your home. Less fragile than stainless steels with a smooth texture, leather textured stainless steel can be used as a place mat, on the bottom of doors or even in the bathroom. Perfect for covering furniture, doors and walls.


With stainless steel 304 in a decorative leather texture, you can enjoy the multi-faceted benefits of stainless steel. Combining heat resistance and corrosion resistance, with this material there will be no limits placed on your creativity.

Technical information

  • Thicknesse 1 mm
  • Minimum dimensions 40 x 40 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 2490 x 1240 mm
  • Look Rayures visibles sur la face non filmée (verso)(*)