What are the benefits of a custom-made stainless steel mirror ?

4 mars 2024

Stainless steel mirrors have a number of technical features that make them superbly attractive compared to glass mirrors. Its appearance is identical to that of a glass mirror, and it can easily be incorporated into your interior design.

Discover the benefits of stainless steel mirrors compared to traditional glass mirrors !

Features of the stainless steel mirror

Among our made-to-measure products, one stainless steel stands out from the rest for its exceptional finish : mirror 304 stainless steel. Practical and easy to install, we’ve decided to list and illustrate its various advantages over traditional glass mirrors.

Mirrore stainless steel is impact-resistant

Unlike glass mirrors, stainless steel mirrors are much more resistant to the slightest impact. With this unbreakable mirror, you’ll be able to innovate your interior decoration without worrying about the feasibility of installation.

You can install it in any room in the house, even in unusual places. Install it as the base of a decorative hood in your kitchen, or as a tap plate in your bathroom.

Fond de hotte en miroir inox
Mirror finish stainless steel hood splashback

Stainless steel mirror is heat and water resistant

As with glass mirrors, mirror stainless steel is resistant to temperature changes and water splashes. But it has a considerable advantage over conventional mirror because it can be installed in a kitchen without worrying about high temperatures.

For your information: The only product that can withstand the heat of a hob or gas hob is tempered glass. However, it is still very expensive to buy compared with stainless steel.

Platine en inox miroir pour robinet
Custom-made mirror stainless steel tap

The stainless steel mirror is lightweight

The proposed thickness of this material is 1.5 mm. This makes it much lighter than a glass mirror of the same dimensions. For a conventional glass mirror, the minimum thickness is 4 mm, which is considerably thicker than mirror stainless steel.

This lightness makes it easy to install, with no need for special structures. A real plus when it comes to installing it without any problems (depending on its dimensions) by sticking it to a wall or other surface.

You can simply use it in your hanging creations without worrying about its weight. For a quality installation, we recommend that you glue your stainless steel plate to the ceiling using a mastic-glue.

One of our valued customers created a completely personalised ceiling light using a mirror stainless steel cut-out.

Custom-made ceiling light

Mirror stainless steel can be cut to size and customised

A custom-made mirror thanks to our online configurator

Our cutting service allows you to completely customise your stainless steel mirror plate to the dimensions you need. Using our online online configurator, you can draw the shape of your mirror and add customised cut-outs (fixing holes, shapes, letters, etc.). So you can have a quality mirror to suit your needs and desires!


Cut out your stainless steel mirror with a DXF file

You can also create more complex cut-outs and place orders from our DXF cutting platform. Simply draw your custom shape in 2D and save it in DXF format. That’s what we did to cut out a new mirror wall clock for our office.

Main diferences between "Stainless steel mirror" and "Glass mirror"

Once we’ve listed all the features and aspects of mirror stainless steel, we can compare it to the classic glass mirror. In the form of a table, we detail all the points you need to make a meaningful comparison :

CaractéristiquesMiroir en inoxMiroir en verre
Perfect reflection
Thin thickness
Easy to clean
Easy to install
Not expensive

*Within the laser’s technical limits

The stainless steel mirror is suitable for a variety of projects

Because mirror stainless steel is food-safe and corrosion-resistant, you can install it in any room, including wet rooms. It can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens as well as living rooms, bedrooms and garages.

The only limit to this material is your imagination !

So, what do you think of stainless steel mirrors ?


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