Why is mirror stainless steel used in bathrooms ?

6 mars 2024

To enhance your interior, custom made mirrored stainless steel is increasingly used to enlarge your space, change the perspective of a piece of furniture or even add volume to an entire room. Depending on where you place your furniture and what you want, the products sold in shops may not fit. So let yourself be tempted by a custom mirror, a reliable, quality experience.

Admire yourself in your beautiful custom-made wall mirror!

Why you need to get a custom mirror ?

How mirror stainless steel is made ?

Mirrored stainless steel is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials in interior design. Known more specifically as polished stainless steel or mirror stainless steel, it is worked to achieve this reflective material.

Mirror finish stainless steel

This finish is obtained by repeatedly polishing the surface of the stainless steel using increasingly fine abrasives. The more the stainless steel plate is polished, the smoother its surface becomes.

Polished stainless steel stands out from conventional mirrors thanks to its preparation and bespoke manufacture, which makes it unbreakable. For made-to-measure bathroom mirror projects, polished stainless steel is the element that will meet your expectations.

A wall-mounted mirror, a round mirror or a customised floor-standing mirror ? With laser cutting, anything’s possible !

Mirror-polished stainless steel for your bathroom

The problem with conventional mirrors sold in shops is that they don’t necessarily fit every space. It’s sometimes difficult to find the size, shape or thickness of the mirror you want to hang in your bathroom.

That’s where made-to-measure cutting comes in, allowing you to create customised cut-outs based on the size, shade and shape you want. John Steel offers a fully customised service. 

bathroom mirror cleaning

Maintenance is no more difficult than for a kitchen splashback : dampen with a soft cloth (to avoid scratches), then wipe off the water with a dry cloth. If there are traces of grease, use a suitable product such as an aluminium and stainless steel cleaner.

Because of its rust-proof qualities, it’s perfect for use in your bathroom or kitchen. However, not all glass mirrors are compatible with wet environments, and it’s sometimes difficult to know how good they are.

For more information and advice on how to care for a custom made mirror, you might like to read this article :

The different shapes of bathroom mirrors

A bathroom is composed down to the smallest detail. The furniture, the shower, the bath, the tiling, the washbasin, but don’t overlook the size of the mirror. What shape will look best in your new bathroom ? And how big will your mirror be ?

Let’s work together to create a high-quality, made-to-measure design. First of all, this list will give us a better idea of your project :

A custom-made square mirror

It’s the ultimate decorative bathroom mirror, adapting to all types of wall and décor. As well as being easy to install, the shape of the mirror is simple. So what could be better than a portrait format in your bathroom to gaze at yourself in the mirror, alone or as a couple !

a bathroom square custom mirror

A custom-made rectangular mirror

A sometimes underestimated feature, it can be adjusted according to the height or width of the wall. That’s why it’s so important in a bathroom containing just one washbasin, for example. If you feel cramped in a square mirror, then this shape should appeal to you.

If you’re looking for a mirror with good proportions, the rectangular mirror stainless steel is a good solution !

custom stainless steel mirror for bathroom

A round custom-made mirror

A basin for everyone, a mirror for everyone. The round or oval shape adds a unique touch to the decor. This format breaks the codes of a classic bathroom. It can be inserted into a frame or discreetly stuck to the wall. But beware, the composition of the mirror is not always obvious, depending on the appearance of the furniture.

But you can be sure of an original and warm result for your bathroom !

round stainless steel mirror

A customised floor-standing mirror

Finally, let’s look at an alternative to the wall mirror. A small or large free-standing mirror can be used to fill a gap in your bathroom furniture. However, it’s best to go for a square or even rectangular shape, with a longer top. It’s a decorative element that helps to create space without overloading it!

What if this was just what you needed ?

A customised floor-standing mirror

How to cut your own custom-made mirror ?

With John Steel, we make it quick and easy for you to customise a made-to-measure cutting project. As specialists in this field, we guarantee you careful work for a quality made-to-measure cut!

With the help of our online configurator for made-to-measure mirrors, you can develop your project from A to Z. Choice of material, in this case mirror stainless steel, as well as shape and size. And all this with a balanced approach to getting straight to the point in your made-to-measure mirror project!

What if this was « THE » project you were looking for to give your bathroom a totally personalised look ?



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