What does mirror polished stainless steel mean ?

4 mars 2024

If you’ve ever gazed at your reflection in a polished stainless steel mirror, you know that the experience is far from ordinary. The play of light, the unique metallic sheen, the precision of the reflection, all add a very special dimension to your reflection.

But what makes polished stainless steel an attractive choice for decorative elements and in industry ? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article !

⚙️ How is polished stainless steel made?

Mirror finish stainless steel  has a lot to offer. Before delving into the details of its polishing process and its use in bespoke mirrors, let’s start by understanding what mirror grade 304 stainless steel is :

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Polished stainless steel composition

Polished stainless steel is a stainless steel material. It is an iron alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium. The chromium creates a thin oxide layer on the surface of the steel that prevents rust and corrosion. This layer is what gives stainless steel its durability and its name – « stainless ».

Characteristics of mirror polish

Polished stainless steel is not just beautiful to look at. Its manufacturing process gives it unique properties that make it corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable.

These characteristics make it an ideal choice for many applications, including bespoke mirrors, as we’ll see later in this article. But it is also used in architecture and interior design, art and sculpture, the food industry, the automotive industry and even the medical industry. 

How the polishing process works

Polishing stainless steel is a multi-stage process that requires skill and precision. It begins with initial grinding to remove surface imperfections. The steel is then polished to a finer and finer grain until it reaches the desired level of shine.

Different polishing levels for a mirror polished finish

There are different levels of polished finish, from soft satin to mirror sheen. Mirror polishing is the most reflective, so it is often used for mirrors and other surfaces where a clear reflection is desired.

There is also brushing in mechanical polishing, but it is not used in our case.

⚙️ Why is mirror stainless steel better than glass ?

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When it comes to choosing a material for a mirror, glass is often the first option that springs to mind. However, polished stainless steel offers an interesting alternative with unique advantages. But why choose polished stainless steel over glass? 

  1. Greater durability and resistance : One of the main advantages of polished stainless steel is its durability. Unlike glass, stainless steel is resistant to knocks, scratches and corrosion. This means that your polished stainless steel mirror will last longer and require less maintenance than its glass counterpart.
  2. Unique aesthetics : Polished stainless steel has a unique shine that adds a touch of elegance and modernity. What’s more, it can be polished to different gloss levels to achieve a mirror effect or a satin finish, depending on your preferences.
  3. Safety : Unlike glass, the polished stainless steel plate does not shatter into sharp pieces in the event of an accident. This makes it a safer option, particularly in high-traffic areas or environments with children.
  4. Flexibility for customisation : It can be formed into different shapes and sizes, offering greater flexibility for custom designs. What’s more, its corrosion resistance makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  5. The only drawback : It is more expensive than glass, especially if you want a large piece for your home.

Need more information about the advantages of stainless steel mirrors over glass ? The following article will help you understand :

⚙️ Why is polished stainless steel used for a custom made mirror ?

Polished stainless steel offers exactly that. Its resistance to scratches and corrosion means that it doesn’t get tired of time, but rather stands up to it with pride. Its brilliance rivals that of a traditional glass mirror, adding elegance to your interior.

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With polished stainless steel, the options for versatile shapes and sizes are almost endless, giving you the freedom to let your creativity run wild. And as if all that wasn’t enough, its stainless nature means it shines just as brightly indoors as it does outdoors.

So why not to choose your custom mirror in polished stainless steel and transform your spaces into veritable masterpieces ?

⚙️ Magnetic polished stainless steel is also available

Yes, you read that right! Polished stainless steel is not only aesthetically appealing and hard-wearing, it can also be magnetic. This opens up a world of possible uses, such as attaching notes or photos, while retaining the elegant charm of stainless steel. Imagine the possibilities ! 

⚙️ How can I polish stainless steel myself ?

Did you know that you can polish stainless steel yourself ? With the right tools and a little patience, you can turn a dull stainless steel surface into a mirror shine.

Here’s how you can do it :

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start polishing, it’s important to prepare the stainless steel surface properly. Clean it with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner to remove any dirt or grease that could interfere with the polishing process.

Make sure you also wear protective gloves and goggles for your safety.

Step 2 : Sanding

Start by sanding the surface of the stainless steel with coarse-grit sandpaper to remove scratches and imperfections. Always sand in the direction of the grain to avoid creating additional scratches. Once you’ve obtained an even surface, move on to a finer grit to refine the surface.

Step 3 : Polishing

Once you’ve sanded the surface, you can start polishing it. Apply a little polishing paste to a soft cloth or polishing brush and rub the surface in a circular motion. Again, make sure you work in the direction of the grain.

Step 4 : Finishing

Once you have achieved the desired level of shine, you can finish the process by wiping the surface with a soft cloth to remove any polishing paste residue.

You can also apply a stainless steel protector to preserve the shine of your newly polished surface.

Be careful : Polishing stainless steel may seem like a daunting task, but with a little time and effort, you can achieve a mirror-like finish that will add a touch of elegance to any project. Don’t forget that safety is paramount when working with tools and chemicals, so make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

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Why not give your bathroom a facelift with a made-to-measure polished stainless steel mirror? More than just a mirror, it’s an eye-catching centrepiece that reflects your personality. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, it’s a perfect companion for your bathroom.

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