Create your custom-made mirror stainless steel wall clock

6 mars 2024

Create your own personalised wall clock in mirrored stainless steel. Original and designer, let yourself be tempted by a clock that’s one of a kind and, what’s more, totally made-to-measure.

Let’s get started!

Mirrored stainless steel : the perfect material for a designer clock !

You’re already familiar with our anodised aluminium design clock, which we proudly display in our team office. Well, we found it so easy to make, we wanted to do it again using another of our flagship materials : mirror stainless steel!

With the arrival of fine weather, it should give our team a boost by reflecting the beautiful rays of Spring sunshine. And when we say Spring, we mean the rebirth of our pretty gardens and the return of the flowers. So what better way to bring some fresh air into the office?

Come along and we’ll show you how to make your own mirrored stainless steel clock.

Design Your Custom Wall Clock

A customised shape using your DXF file

As John Steel likes to recycle, we’re going to take the Quartz mechanism from our old clock.

We’d already measured the diameter of the mechanism (8 mm), so we already know how to fix our new wall clock. Now all we need to do is choose a DXF file.

For your information, a DXF file is a vector document of a 2D shape. It can be used to make a made-to-measure cut-out in your plate. For more information on the DXF format, we refer you to this dedicated article :

Your custom-made wall clock

As you can see, we’ve chosen a rather flowery motif to decorate our office for spring. And for a change of style, this time we haven’t included any numbers.

Notre horloge en inox miroir

We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations, so don’t hesitate to share your personalised wall clock with us. By sending us pretty photos of your creations, you’ll be able to receive a little surprise.

Make the most of it, it’s time to get your summer decorating on fire!


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