Make a custom wooden planter !

25 août 2021

Perfect for bringing a little greenery into your home decor, the wooden planter is the ideal support for your pots and plants ! On the windowsill, in the kitchen or in a living room, custom-made is ideal. To make your plant stand to your measurements, simply choose your wood panel, enter your dimensions and a little elbow grease. Find out how to make a wooden planter in no time !

Construction of a wooden planter

To build a wooden planter nothing complicated. All you need is the right idea ! In our case and especially for the month of the wood, I am going to show you how you can make your most beautiful plants grow in your living room or dining room. Depending on your space, with this plant stand and John Steel’s custom cutting service you can have the pleasure of having a little piece of greenery in your home.

Step 1 : realization of the plans +  cutting of the wood panels 

For this realization it’s necessary, first of all, to make the choice of the panel of wood. In our case, I choose to use panels of solid wood triples fir (thickness 27 mm). With its light, welcoming color, this wood can be used for many creations. If you prefer to build a planter in another wood, it’s quite possible to make this realization with other species of wood such as medium or larch three-ply. That being said, we can get to the heart of the matter ! 

To make a wooden support for green plant, you need : 

  • 8 special wood screws 
  • A protective varnish for the finish
  • 1 wooden panel of : 1350 mm x 250 mm
  • 2 wooden panels of : 1296 mm x 240 mm
  • 2 wooden feet of : 250 mm x 280 mm


To allow the plant pots to fit in well, it’s important to know the exact diameter of the pots in question (whether they are plastic or clay). In m case, the diameter of the pots is 14 cm. 

Step 2 : the assembly of the indoor plant holder 

Here it’s, packed, weighed and delivered, the real DIY can begin ! Screwdriver in one hand and screws in the other, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. 

Assembly of the wooden planter

🧰 First we need to assemble the structure of the planter

  • To make it easier for myself I did the assembly step by step, starting by assembling the legs to the main structure. 
  • Once the legs were secure, I simply screwed on the other two wooden panels cut to size. 

These two pieces allow the wooden planter to be stable and rigid enough to support the plant pots. Once the assembly is finished, the result is tip-top. But there is still one last step to do to finally put the plant pots in place. 

Step 3 : protecting the wood 

Apply a varnish to protect the wood

Depending on the wood used, it’s important to protect it with an effective varnish in all circumstances. With this wooden plant stand, the risk is to wet the wood when watering. For a tip-top and multi-purpose protection, I use a very practical varnish because it can be applied on any type of wood. Anti-stain and resistant, the varnish « Le Suprême » of th wood range of the brand 1919 by Mauler allows an ultra simple and durable application. 

Since this product is colorless, the natural look of the wood remains intact. To protect my planter properly, I applied two coats, respecting the drying time. 

Installation of a support for the plants

Here everything is ready for installation, one or more plants to see but in my case my indoor plants found a perfect place ! 

See you soon for more custom made wood creations full of #Steel ! 



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