Decorative creation for your garden : the corten steel border

15 septembre 2021

Do you want to redo your outdoor decoration, add a corten steel border for your flowerbeds, or create corten steel sculptures to impress your friends on summer evenings ? No problem, there is still time to set up your garden decoration for this summer. For some time now, metal has become very popular for outdoor decoration and more specifically corten steel. This type of metal has the particularity of having a rusty final appearance, it’s used in architecture, landscaping, construction and art mainly for its appearance, but also for its resistance to atmospheric conditions 🌪️

The corten steel border is a perfect decoration for my garden

Corten steel plate

Used to beautify and make a flower bed stand out, corten steel border will surely make your neighbors jealous 😂 It’s a steel on which a self-protective rust-like layer, called patina, forms. This protects the metal from atmospheric corrosion. It’s a phenomenon that occurs through the addition of a number of allergies such as copper, chronium, nickel and molybdenum. The shades of the patina are created in the open air and over time. It’s a process that can last from 1 to 3 years before being stable. It’s estimated that the oxidation of steel reaches its final color when it causes almost no dirt or traces to the touch. A period of oxidation will be necessary to obtain the desired look of corten. 

Corten steel sculptures as a decorative idea for your garden

The corten steel allows us to have multiple possibilities for the decoration of its garden. It’s a very aesthetic material that can be easily integrated into an outdoor environment. More and more widespread today, corten steel sculptures are true works of art once placed in a garden. They are ecological creations that will make your exterior even more original and #Style ! Let your imagination run wild and come create your own corten steel piece on our online configurator too 😃

See you soon for new decorating ideas 🙂



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