How to clean an Aluminum Splashback ✨

24 septembre 2019

In France, your kitchen is an essential part of life. For lovers of good food, it is essential to have an optimised space that is especially adapted to your needs. When you mix passion and the love of good food, splashes on your aluminium worktop and splashback aren’t rare 😄. Are you looking for top tips so you always have a gleaming splashback? Brigitte gives you her top cleaning secrets so your kitchen always looks spanking new!

cleaning a custom aluminium splashback

How do I clean an aluminium splashback?

1. Soapy water

This is definitely one of the most accessible products on this list! You can also use this method on a  stainless steel splashback. Just wash with a mixture of water and soap. Rinse with clean water and you’re done 💪

2. Window cleaner

If you’re used to cleaning your windows, kill two birds with one stone by making your aluminium splashback sparkling.

3. Mixture of olive oil, soap and vinegar

Mix the three together to clean your aluminium panelling perfectly. Depending on just what the state of the surface to be cleaned is like, you may need to adjust the dosage. To restore the gleam that your wall protection deserves, don’t forget to rinse then wipe it after 🤓

4. Water and lemon juice

Simple but effective, by making your own mixture you can clean the base of your extractor hood or  aluminium splashback quickly and easily.

5. Ammonia 

After cleaning your aluminium splashback, you can make it really shine by mixing ammonia (a small amount) with a lot of water. Your bespoke splashback will gleam like new.

📍 Don’t forget, safety comes first! You must always wear gloves, because ammonia is corrosive!

For stubborn stains:

6. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Baking soda helps to remove black marks. Soak a sponge in a mix of baking soda and soapy water, and say goodbye to stubborn marks. There’s nothing like it!

📍 Do not confuse with sodium carbonate (or washing soda), which is harmful to your skin as well as your splashback!

7. Hot vinegar and sea salt

For stubborn limescale, a little hot vinegar and sea salt will do the trick. For best results: do not forget to rinse, clean and then dry.

In extreme emergencies or for a last ditch solution: if none of this suits you, you can always buy a special aluminium cleaning product in the supermarket (it’s just a little more expensive…).

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Not sure that your splashback is squeaky clean? Here are the results between before and after a good clean!

The magic aluminium splashback ✨

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Which method do you prefer? According to your experience, which methods should you avoid? Do you know any others? Share your tips with the community in the comments!

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