Traitement insecticide fongicide by Mauler - Protecteur bois

Insecticidal and fungicidal treatment

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Stressed about insects and fungi? Don't worry, because this insecticidal and fungicidal wood protector by Mauler will preserve your wood panels from unpleasant surprises. This wood protector is very popular with wood crafters and can be used in two different ways:

  •       To protect brand new wood panels straight out of our cutting centres
  •       To renovate old wooden panels

Like all of Mauler's products, this is professional-grade quality. This special wood protector will preserve your wood panel(s) from termites, insects, parasites and other wood-loving fungi.

The other advantage of this insecticide and fungicide treatment:

Usually, wood protectors are applied to a brand new or sound wood panel that doesn't have any insect issues. But this wood protector by Mayler can also be applied to furniture that needs a good makeover. This odourless solution is preventative and also works as a treatment to keep your wood healthy for many years.


Technical informations

  • Color Clear
  • Volume 500 mL
  • Coverage 10m² / L / coat