Heavy Duty Sealant Glue

It's some heavy-duty stuff!

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  • Colourless and elastic
  • Odourless and multi-purpose
  • Useable on all types of surfaces

Need a sealant? Get even more bang for your buck! This sealant is both a sealant and a glue. It’s made 100% from MS polymers and is ideal for glueing and joints.
Odourless. Easy extrusion (manual or compressed air gun). Treated with fungicides. Solvent, isocyanates, halogen free. Can be painted with a water base paint. No join marks on natural stone. Applications: Powder coating: 20 to 150° Structural sealing in vibrating applications. Sanitary seals, marble, granite, metal, glass, wood. Glueing of all materials on all substrates (even synthetic). Good chemical resistance to water, aliphatic solvents, acids.

Adhesive capacity of 180 kg/10 cm2.

White 290ml cartridge, with cap.

Weight: 0.54 kg.

Operating temperature: +5 to +30 °C.

Technical informations

  • Weight 0,54 kg
  • Color White
  • Volume 290 ml
  • Fixing capacity 180 kg/10 cm²