Tutorial: convert image to DXF

25 November 2015
John Steel Tutorial: convert image to DXF 03/05/2018

We often get asked if we cut logos with Pdf or Jpeg files, unfortunately we can’t accept them.

Recently, a client contacted us, explaining how he had no experience with vectorising software or CAD. Once his order arrived we were impressed, we actually thought we had stumbled upon a natural talent! That was until he told us that he “nearly” didn’t draw anything on his own. In fact he found out how to convert an image to Dxf in a few simple steps. Thankfully he was grateful enough to make a tutorial, so that he could help other clients in the future.

1) So first of all he found his favourite bands logo on Google Images (the picture must be black and white in order to be converted correctly)

2) Then he uploaded the logo he found on this vectorising website, converting various image formats (Jpeg, Jpg, Png, and Pdf are supported) in to a vector representation (Dxf). It’s all for free!

3) Once the file is downloaded, a few corrections are necessary. They are easily done with libreCAD (Free CAD Software, available on Mac and PC):

Suppression des contours

Suppression des contours

3.1) An error during the conversion resulted in a second outline, as you can see on the screenshot below (a part of it is selected in blue). To proceed you have to remove the exterior outline.

Dxf after removal of errors

3.2) The holes in the letters A, R and O have to be removed too, as they aren’t connected to the frame and will fall out once cut.

3.3) The size of the original image file stayed untouched during the conversion. Our client wanted a 23 x 23 centimetre diameter, so he resized it with the following steps:

Select “Scale” under the “Modify” tab. Then select the entire drawing (ctrl+A), press on the “Enter” key, then click on the drawing. A window should open enabling you to rescale the drawing.

To get a more precise and smaller circle, our client drew a new one fitting his needs. He also added a hole on the top in order to hang it against a wall.

Final dxf version

Final dxf version

As you can tell, it’s not to complicated for a beginner, accessible for anyone just starting out with tracing software.

4) Now you only have to drag your edited file onto John Steel Pros homepage!

Here is the end result, sprayed with black anti-rust paint, which our client ordered on our first website too!

Cutting painted in black

Cutting painted in black

A big thanks to our Steelster for this tutorial!

Here, a quick bonus video:

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