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Stainless steel kitchen splashback cut to measure

Stainless steel kitchen splashback cut to measure

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    Stainless steel is the material found in all professional kitchens with the texture of high-end worktops. This food-safe hygienic metal is resistant to high temperatures, splashes of water, grease and stays aggressive.

    To make your kitchen stainless steel panels, click on "Draw my piece" and indicate the dimensions of the pieces to be made in millimeters.

    Offered: To facilitate the installation of your custom stainless steel splashback, we accompany your package of a sealant putty all special supports heavy objects.

    John's advice: To fix your stainless steel plates, use our adhesive putty. Wait until the glue is dry before removing the protective film. Use the remaining adhesive sealant to make your joint (see tutorial). Think of using anti-cuts gloves to handle it. Although brushed, this stainless steel is not scratch-resistant, use a suitable maintenance product.

    NB: Brushing will be done horizontally in the length of your piece.

    The PVC protective film is applied face-up to ensure a perfect finish up to the time of installation. The reverse side has a rough appearance that may have traces of scratches of varying depth.

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