Realisation #3 : Top-notch modding PC

25 November 2015
John Steel Realisation #3 : Top-notch modding PC 14/02/2018

One of our clients wanted to give the adult version of meccano a try, so of course he contacted us at John Steel Pro. What was needed: parts, a lot of parts indeed, that needed to be cut by our laser and punctured with holes. In the end, a pretty big order which we were willing to accept!

Of course all these parts would be assembled to make something. That something is a Personal Computer, as one would say in the modding community. In short, it is best to be precise with the cutting! That’s why he came to us and sent all his designs made carefully in DXF format. A quick drag and drop on the drop zone and we were ready to go to work!

le kit custom

The custom kit

48 hours later, again our mission was accomplished and the pieces were cut on time! So we quickly and carefully packed all the parts together, as we do best, without forgetting to add a touch of our incomparable humour.

Le kit emballé

The kit packed and ready to be shipped

Once the puzzle was assembled, we got a preview of the PC frame in black. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, the metal used is aluminium, making it stable but also portable due to its light weight.

Another project that John Steel Pro. is proud of!

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