Realisation #2 : Competitive handbrake

25 November 2015
John Steel Realisation #2 : Competitive handbrake 14/02/2018

A new order arrived at John Steel Pro., as well as a visit to our workshop. A customer ordered two identical plates in order to craft a handbrake. This project seemed pretty complicated at first, until we found it was for a driving simulator…

Our client had already built his own gear shift, a “shifter” as they call it, that works fine, but hoepd to develop a handbrake this time around. This project was bound to become larger than life! He sent us his DXF file containing the cuttings for his parts and John Steel Pro. went straight to work. Forty-eight hours later the parts were ready to leave our workshop. Our race car pilot came to visit and as we know how to welcome our customers, we gave him a proper tour around the workshop.

shifter en montage

The shifters montage

Thanks to our items, he was able to make his handbrake. Now his production was ready to compete against the competition! Even Alsace’s very own Seb would be jealous.

shifter en situation

Shifter in action

Another mission accomplished for John Steel Pro. and our client. Even when we help make driving simulators, at John Steel Pro. we don’t mess around.

Thanks for trusting us and congrats on your work!

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