Decorative Christmas tree made of metal

For the home or the office!

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    The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1

    We created for you a fabulous Christmas tree specially designed for small spaces. You can easily use it to decorate your studio or your office during Christmas. This aluminum artificial Christmas tree takes up very little space. It is resistant to coffee stains and super lightweight to take it with you everywhere. It is the perfect desk decoration for Christmas, easy to store at the end of the celebration.


    A Christmas tree larger than life

    For this Christmas tree, we wanted to give it the look of a real fir tree. So we used some badass laser cuts. All slices are deburred, so they are smooth and not sharp. But to avoid fingerprints during installation, consider wearing gloves. Your Christmas tree will stay as “bling-bling” as the first day.


    A dazzling Christmas tree

    Even if this fir tree already has enough class, we suggest you to add some light decorations. A small LED garland (not included) will make your Christmas tree totally dazzling. You only need to attach it at the back, so that the garland will not move a fir needle. All you have to do is place this fir tree, or fix it, against a wall. Near your computer in your office, or in the break room with the coffee machine, do what you want!


    Dimensions (H x W):

    • 64 cm x 46 cm
    • Thickness: 3 mm


    • Raw and bright aluminum

    Technical information