Le Défenseur by Mauler - traitement antirouille pour métal

Le Défenseur by Mauler - rustproofing metal protector

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Le Défenseur by Mauler is a special exterior varnish ideal for optimal protection of your metal items. Its main strengths are being rustproof and providing long-lasting protection. Whether you use it on untreated stainless steel, non-slip steel or perforated aluminium, you can use this clear coat for all sorts of metal panels.

How to apply ?

 If you want the best protection for your sheet metal, it is advisable to apply 2 to 3 coats so that the clear coat is as effective as possible. Your metal will be protected from corrosion for many years as this is a professional-grade and specially formulated product.

Made using an innovative process, this clear coat isn't formulated using a white spirit base but actually dilutes with water. This formula helps prevent odours and toxic fumes.

Technical informations

  • Color Clear
  • Volume 500 mL
  • Coverage "Le Défenseur" rustproofing metal treatment