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23 September 2019
Brigitte Create his custom metal house number 👌 10/10/2019

Have you ever run around a street looking for the right house number or name? I definitely have, and it’s a shame when you can actually make a very attractive house sign for the front of your house or for the gate. Have you thought of making one yourself? That is why today I’d like to show you how to make your own metal house name or number!

House names and numbers are sometimes hidden, too discreet or quite frequently just forgotten, yet they’re really helpful when you give friends your address. They come in all sizes and shapes such as wood, plexiglass, ceramic or metal. Some people mount them on their house, others on their letter box, or on their gate. There are some very original models you can buy in the shops or customisable versions that you can paint yourself for example. In addition to choosing the model, you can also choose how to attach it with either screws, spacers or directly glued onto the bracket. You’re spoilt for choice.

But even so, you still haven’t found the right one for you. So why not make your own fully personalised house name or number in metal? Your own creation that will be precision-cut with lasers then sent directly to you! You can either choose to cut out the letters or numbers to the desired size and secure them yourself. Or you can make a house sign and add all the text you want (address, last name, company name, etc.). Have fun with  the best online custom laser cutting tool.

So, what are you keenest on? Numbers and letters or a house sign?

Some examples from our Pinterest table

Which metal should be used for a house name or number?

You’re going to be placing this outside. So you need to be careful about your choice of metal to minimise the chance of rust.

🔰 Stainless steel: ★★★★★

This is the metal we would recommend for its strength and corrosion resistance. As it is a little heavier than aluminium, you need to think about how you will secure it (a mastic adhesive for heavy items is ideal). 316L stainless steel is the most resistant grade against chemicals and corrosion. This stainless steel, suitable for marine environments, is used a lot on boats.

🔰 Aluminium: ★★★☆☆

This metal is naturally protected from rust. However, we advise you to use an anodised version, which is a little more durable due to its surface film.

🔰 Steel: ★★☆☆☆

We strongly advise against using untreated steel because it will deteriorate quickly with moisture and it would be a shame to see your creation start disintegrating. However, you can always go for something in corten steel, a rusted steel which forms a pretty brown-orange patina with the years.

How do I cut out my metal house name or number?

If you are part of “Team Letters or Numbers”, you will be able to cut your numbers or letters in just a few minutes. Follow the guide:

  1. Choose a panel (preferably stainless steel)
  2. Select the metal variety (316L for example)
  3. Choose the thickness of the letters or numbers
  4. Select the Letters & numbers option (bottom right of the configurator page, see below)
  5. Enter the desired text, choose the font and the letter/number height
  6. View the final rendering and confirm the order

Make my house number/house name

How do I make a house sign for a house name/number?

Are you part of “Team House Sign”? No problem, you will see that it is as quick and easy as cutting out letters or numbers. Using our configurator, you can choose the house sign shape, its size, and the layout of the letters or numbers… And if you want a unique house sign, you can even add the name of the street (“American-Style”) or your last name.

Let’s start right away with the basic steps:

  1. Choose a panel (preferably stainless steel)
  2. Select the metal variety (316L for example)
  3. Choose the thickness of the sign
  4. Select the desired house sign shape (rectangle or circle)
  5. Select the font sign (T) from the configurator
  6. Enter the desired text, choose the font, the height of the letters and the location of the name or number
  7. Add holes as needed so you can attach your sign with screws
  8. Confirm the order


Please note, the thicker the panel, the larger the letters must be for the laser to cut them. Our configurator will display an error if the text or the space between the letters is too small.

Make my house number/house name

Some examples of custom metal house signs

📌 Here are some examples of house signs that you can make with our online configurator.

  • Start from a rectangular base shape and add rounded corners or slanted cuts in just a few clicks!
  • Choose a circle (or even a triangle!) for your sign
  • Remember to add holes so you can attach your plate with screws, then use our screw covers for the perfect finish!
  • Add your family name or street name for a sign that stands out from your neighbours 🙂


Make my house number/house name  


And that’s it! You now know how to make one-of-a-kind house names and numbers with our online tool. All that’s left now is to try it out!

Feel free to send us photos of your creations or your ideas for numbers/names and house signs!

See you next week for new tips;)




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